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On succeeding in Physics

First of all, let’s acknowledge that physics is different than most other subjects you encounter in school because it is so heavily based upon problem solving. That means physics relies less on memory and more on applying ideas and concepts to solve problems. It also means that the question you see on the physics exams won’t be a homework problem with different numbers. So if you want to do well in physics, you need to understand how to approach problems, organize the information you’re given, apply concepts and utilize math to solve problems. Many of the videos, games, and other resources found on physics can aid you in this journey.

Study every day. Studying one hour per day for seven days is worth a lot more than studying seven hours in one day. It takes time for your brain to absorb and process the concepts, you give it time by studying daily. "Studying" does not mean skimming your notes, but rather solving many problems until you truly understand the underlying concepts in their entirety.

Don't miss class! Getting the notes will never be an adequate substitute for what you will learn by attending class.

Be an active learner. Studies show that you learn more when you actively participate in class. Work through the example problems in class. Talk with your neighbors while problem solving. Watching someone else solve a problem will not enable your mind to experience the physics, you yourself must work through each problem to process the full meaning of the concepts involved.